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ELOX Eco 580 Twist Glow

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Details of the set with the Elox Eco 580 Twist Glow by Kaya-Shisha:

1 smoke stem set, Eco Twist Glow
1 base
– 1 fix installed hose connection
– Closed Chamber
– 4-way valve with 11 separate openings
1 ash plate Ø approx. 19.5 cm
1 downtube with Teflon diffuser (max.19 cm)
1 glass bowl with Glow in the dark effect
1 softgrip silicone hose, 150 cm
1 aluminum mouthpiece, approx. 27 cm
1 terracotta tobacco bowl
1 chimney
1 coal tongs “Wings”

Total height with bowl and chimney: approx. 62 cm
Height without accessories: approx. 46 cm

The delivered article may differ slightly.

The water tank can be “charged” with light to shine in the dark autonomously.

Hookahs with a twist – ELOX ECO Twist

The ECO Twist Glow from the Kaya Shisha ELOX series is a medium sized water pipe with smoke stem set made of colored anodized aluminum. The black hookah shaft is surrounded by a white metal spiral that revolves around the shaft thereby giving the hookah its name.

Simple and fast setup

The hookah bowl is connected to the base via a click closure. In this case, 3 projections in the interior of the base engage in the corresponding joints of the thread on the hookah bottle. With less than half a turn, the smoke stem set is already firmly attached to the glass.

Base with special ejection valve

The special feature of the Eco Twist is its base. This is not only built with a closed chamber system, but has a sophisticated discharge function with 4 valve balls. If you want to blow out the smoke because it’s stale, or because you just like the effect, it passes the valve balls and is discharged through 11 small holes in the top of the base. An optical spectacle!

Low noise level

The ECO Twist includes a downtube with Teflon diffuser tip. The hole diffuser is connected via a screw thread with the downtube. When used with the diffuser, the hookah splits large smoke bubbles within the water, bringing it more in contact with the latter, which increases the cooling effect and reduces noisy bubbling.

Playfully designed hookah bowl with Glow-effect

The ELOX Eco Twist Glow is equipped with a bulbous hookah bottle, which is covered with luminescent dots. You can “charge” the glass under a light source so that it glows by itself in the dark.

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